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Here Are The SECRETS To
Creating a LIFESTYLE BUSINESS That Will Not Only Make You BIG MONEY BUT Give YOU your LIFE BACK!
Introducing: The LIFESTYLE BUSINESS MASTERCLASS, a FREE 1 Day Training Seminar that will dramatically improve your life and business
Jessen James is the Founder of the Business Freedom Formula™ and Lifestyle Business Mastery™

His events and systems are renowned for getting business owners and entrepreneurs FAST RESULTS!

Having built, bought and sold multiple businesses himself, Jessen has had some amazing wins and some rather spectacular fails too! He now dedicates his time to serving others to better their lives and businesses by sharing his learnings.

Jessen has spoken to and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world, has featured on National TV and was shortlisted for the well known Television Show "The Apprentice" only to be told afterwards that he was "overqualified" for the position! Ah well, that's Lord Sugar's loss :-)

Based on 'real life' experiences and not a textbook, Jessen's students and clients gain valuable strategies which save them time, money and pain!
FROM THE FOUNDER OF THE Business Freedom Formula, Jessen James:
Dear Entrepreneur,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. You are about to discover the path to ultimate business freedom, a  
place where you no longer need to work in your business to make a significant income.  

Where you have more time, money and choice to live the life you truly deserve. 

Being a Lifestyle Business Owner has given my clients and I the most amazing  lives. I feel truly blessed to share this  
knowledge with you. Welcome to Lifestyle Business Mastery, let’s begin your journey to life and business freedom together.....

Jessen James
This Training is For You If:
  • You are a an Existing Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Start Up
  •  You want to own a business that makes you money whether you work there or not
  •  You want to make your business more profitable without having to rely on more sales
  •  You want to get your life back, no more 80 hour weeks, dealing with difficult clients, staff and whatever other challenges your business throws at you!
  •  You are tired of feeling like your business owns you and not the other way round and you want to regain control and work less!
  •  You want to have people, processes and systems in place to run your business for you so you can have more free time to spend with those you love, doing what you love
  •  You are sick and tired of business coaches, seminars and workshops that promise you the world and never deliver!
From Engineer into Serial Entrepreneur in 5 months.
Perhaps you're wondering who I am and why should you even give me your precious time....?

Well, the truth is, I've been where you perhaps are right now. I've been a CORPORATE SLAVE, working my butt off, making someone else endless amounts of money only to be undervalued, unappreciated and eventually disposed of.

I've owned a business and failed miserably, I've tried again only to discover that after working 80 hour + weeks, neglecting my health, neglecting my relationships and worst of all sacrificing my time and happiness only to realise that I don't actually own a business.... I had given myself ANOTHER job with a crap boss (ME!) who didn't give me any time off. 

Not only did I realise that I was 'self-employed' and not a true 'business owner' but I realised that I wasn't doing as well as people thought I was and often found myself paying off everyone else at the end of the month and sometimes being able to give myself a 'minimum' wage if I was lucky!


You can discover 'exactly' what I did to change this when you come to my free event but in a nutshell, I was able to turn this all around using 6 KEY STEPS that allowed me to go from self - employed to an actual 'financially free' business owner in under 12 months.
Now I am blessed to be able to share my knowledge with business owners, entrepreneurs, and high profile individuals all over the world...
On stage in Mauritius
With the President of the Republic of Mauritius
On stage in Slovenia
Over the last 8 years I've been able to build, buy and sell multiple businesses by implementing my proven system. I've served good, hardworking people just like YOU to create Lifestyle Businesses that give them the time, money and freedom to live the lives they truly deserve. My only wish is that you give me the opportunity to SERVE YOU too.
You're only ONE DECISION away from a completely NEW LIFE!
Go from working 1:1 to 1:many, AND create more TIME and FREEDOM for yourself
"NOTHING is secure in life unless YOU secure it YOURSELF!" - Jessen James
By creating Lifestyle Businesses I have been able to design my own life and pay it forwards by helping people like YOU do the same... 
Back in 2004 at the age of 24 when I first started out in business, I had no real idea of what I was doing but I had a vision.

One of the things I wish I had done sooner was to hire a mentor! Someone who had walked the path I wanted to walk. Although I now surround myself with some incredible mentors for different areas of my life, back then, I had to learn the hard way and endure a lot of pain, loss and failure.

Being able to now help people achieve FREEDOM through business in a shorter time, with less pain is a true blessing.

Consider the story of Ivan Yordanov, a busy IT Business Owner who didn't know where to turn until we worked together...
You got into business or are thinking of being in business to be FREE! To be your own boss and live life on your terms. Well, if you have read this far I am sure you will agree it is not as plain sailing as that is it?

The truth is, you are going to have to do some things that other people are not willing to do. That is the mark of a true LEADER! Doing what's right by you and your life, not what is easy.

Along the way, you are going to take some knocks, lose some friends, family and loved ones, have people think you are crazy and even upset a few people but here's the thing... IT'S SO, SO WORTH IT!


When you decide to go ALL IN and ignite that fire in your belly amazing things will happen. Surround yourself with amazing people, those who have achieved what you want to achieve, be open minded, coachable a great student and amazing things will start to shift in your life.


I’m looking forward to watching you develop and grow as a leader in your own life. Entrepreneurs like you are the backbone of every country, in fact in the UK alone, 50% of the Gross Domestic Product is produced by people like YOU. The sad thing is they never get the support and recognition they deserve and I am on a mission to change that!

The longest time I spend working ON my businesses is 4 hours per week. Yes you read that right, only 4 hours per week. The rest of my time is spent doing the things I LOVE with the people I love. One of those things is travelling the world, meeting amazing entrepreneurs from all walks of life and being able to be a catalyst in their lives. I would love to be the catalyst in your life too but I need to spend some time with you, will you do me the honour....?

I'm not saying all this to impress you or boast but to open your eyes to what's possible if you implement the 6 Key things I am going to share with you when you come and spend some time with my team and me at The Lifestyle Business Masterclass.
What I am going to share with you will change the way you do business forever. 
Bold statement, and I stand by it. 
Why? Because I have worked with hundreds of people who can attest to that.
At The Lifestyle Business Masterclass you are going to discover exactly what it takes to design, develop, grow and expand a Lifestyle Business that allows you to work less and get paid more.

You don’t need another book, another so called business coach who hasn't even owned a business before themselves or some fancy consultant who promises you the world and delivers you a village if you're lucky! You need FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY along with a PROVEN SYSTEM that will guide you to ULTIMATE BUSINESS FREEDOM!

At my FREE event you will learn what it takes however YOU need to DO what it takes. The question is, are YOU up for the challenge...?
My passion is helping people like YOU create PROFITABLE LIFESTYLE BUSINESSES so they can live a life of FREEDOM. Too many people  are stuck working too many hours in a stressful job or business and not even getting rewarded for it! That makes me angry if I'm quite honest! YOU deserve better I have made it MY MISSION to create as many FINANCIALLY FREE ENTREPRENEURS as I possibly can so they can make an even bigger difference and leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones.

But I can't do it on my own. I NEED your time, will you INVEST your time with me...?

Over the last 12 years I have developed a model for Starting Businesses or Scaling up existing ones so that the owners (YOU) can step away and have your business pay you HUGE amounts of money whether you work there or not.

So here’s what you’ll be learning…
This is the MOST overlooked area of business. In fact so many great businesses die or aren't even born because the creator (YOU) didn't have the right mindset. It is my belief that if you "fix the person you fix the business" plain and simple!
Ever heard the term; "failing to prepare is preparing to FAIL?" Well this is so true in Business. Too many entrepreneurs start a business without a clear plan of what it takes to run a profitable business. You will learn why you need to have a solid vision for your business and how to either start or grow it with NONE OF YOUR OWN MONEY!
A key component of having a PROFITABLE Lifestyle Business. Many businesses don't last because they don't have efficient processes and systems in place that allow the owner to free up their time. You will discover what you can do about this at the seminar.
You can't have a successful business without the right people working in it, FULL STOP! There are 9 people you MUST have working for you so you don't have to and best of all...YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ALL OF THEM!
It's a sad truth that most business owners are making very little profit if they are lucky! Most business owners are sadly living a lie! Yes it's true, they put on a brave face and people think they are doing well. This is far from the truth. Most business don't make enough profit because they don't focus on it. You will learn why you don't need more sales to make more profit in your business!
Most business owners and people overlook their health and well being. I'm not just talking about their 'physical' health, I mean their 'mental' health too! You will discover why it's important to 'look after yourself' in business so your business can look after you, financially!
So come and spend a day with my team and I and we will show you how to:
  • Improve your psychology so you SUCCEED!
  •  Plan ahead so you WILL NOT FAIL like 9/10 businesses do every single year!
  •  How to systemise your business for maximum EFFICIENCY and PROFIT!
  • How to get the RIGHT PEOPLE into your life and business!
  •  How to make MORE PROFIT in your business without having to sell more!
  •  Look after your health and well being so you can live a life of freedom and abundance!
But let me be clear; Lifestyle Business Mastery isn’t for you if you are looking for a run of the mill standard business training course, there are plenty of other people who can give you this.

If you are not 'coachable' or unwilling to undo what you already know about business, then this event is not for you.

However, If you are looking to discover what it truly takes to create and run a Profitable Lifestyle Business then this is exactly what you will learn at my FREE Lifestyle Business Masterclass!

So as I mentioned before, at this early stage I don’t want price to be a barrier to you beginning your journey to Mastering your Lifestyle Business so you can attend this one day seminar for FREE.
Why Am I Doing This…?
Over the years I have been able to help hundreds of people like you to improve their lives and businesses. Many of these people were initially trained by me for FREE. This is because, not only did I not want money to be a barrier to entry for them, but I felt the need to 'earn the right' to mentor them and now I would like to earn the right to mentor YOU by training you for a day......
Again, I must remind you of the importance to act now rather than wait until later as this event may be sold out by the time it launches.

I look forward to meeting you in person - Jessen James
© Jessen James 2017: Lifestyle Business Mastery™